Telecommunications Services Sector

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At Technophiles we believe that cyber-attacks one of the most dangerous threats to the digital lives of people, their combination of industrial experience and a clear vision will ensure that our company has a successful future, and peace of mind for all users surfing the Internet. Stay safe! As connectivity evolves, every new access point can become the potential target of the next cyber-attack. we believe that Internet users all over the world deserve a safe online experience at all times, no matter where they are.
With our leading technology powered by Threat Intelligence,
we are always a step ahead of the ever-evolving nature of

Telecommunications Equipment Sector

The telecommunications industry equipment sector is comprised of our partners companies that manufacture products that are used by both end-users and input to other telecommunications companies. Customers use these products to access telecommunications services. Other telecommunications companies use these products to create and maintain infrastructure and deliver services.

The equipment sector provides satellite and broadcast network equipment, wireless telecommunications equipment, wireline telecommunications equipment, and other telecommunications and computer networking equipment. (Wi-fi, Cable, Wireless, mobility, PON, EPC, EdgeQAM, LTE, Virtualization, small cells, RAN, NFV, DOCSIS, BGN, IP Networking, 4G, 5G, DOCSIS 3.1, and core)

We’re focused on meeting exacting needs of our customers and empowering them to respond to market demands today and in the 5G future.