Fintech Industry

Asset Tokenization is the process of converting the value of a asset property into digital tokens that you can sell to investors to raise funds. In simple terms, to ”tokenize” means is to divide the physical asset into digital shares, or blockchain-based security tokens that represent an individual underlying asset or shares of different underlying assets.

At Technophiles

We have an experienced team of developers who will offer tokenization services that include due diligence, auditing, and legal services to reduce illiquidity discounts by at least %25. Our cutting-edge blockchain tokenization platform removes the hindrance of a long, tedious process and enables a hassle-free business at reduced costs.

Benefits of Digitizing assets

High-volume Liquidity

Fractional Ownership


No intermediarie

Blockchain Immutability

Instant, Efficient transactions

Reduced entry cost

Highly secure

Simplified management


Asset Tokenization Platform

A customized all-inclusive property-backed token issuance platform in the any industry. Through the platform, issuers can tokenize their asset. As an issuance company, become a “Tokenization as a Service” provider, and the tokens can be either issued on Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Stellar.

  • Quick peer to peer transactions
  • Efficient property management
  • Elimination of third parties
  • KYC/AML Compliance with authorities
  • Non-fungible tokens representing land ownership
  • Integration with payment service providers (PSP’s)
  • An integrated voting system
  • Presence of digital stock certificate
  • OTC facility for token exchange
  • Dividend payments to investors
  • Recovery mechanism for lost tokens
  • Investor forums for discussions