Digital Technology Drives Government Transformation

The smart application of Residency and Foreigners Affairs has been keen on harnessing all available resources to provide the best services to citizens and residents on the land of the Republic of Senegal. and complete all their transactions related to residency, naturalization, ports, and violators with full transparency and clarity, in a manner that meets their aspirations and satisfies them. To reach the highest standards in customer service, we have to put its sights on the system of smart service excellence. As part of it we adopt innovative standards based on customer happiness. and keep all our services are provided through smart digital channels, and the customer can get them anytime and anywhere. to transform governments services into %100 smart and accelerate digital transformation efforts, as this transformation has contributed to enhancing the flexibility and ability, will adapt all variables and circumstances and to provide services to unprecedented levels. In addition to the smart application, we hope that the website will contribute to provide effective channels that allow customers to obtain our smart services easily and conveniently, and get acquainted with their opinions and suggestions for developing its services.

  1. Increase and diversify innovative services

  2. Increase the efficiency of executing Key and support operations

  3. Simplify operational processes and procedures and sustain their results

  4. Organizational Capabilities Perspective

  5. Maximize the benefit of the facilities & ensure its sustainability

  1. Increase the reliability on digital technology

  2. Financial Performance Perspective

  3. Increase the efficiency of exploiting financial resources

  4. Ensure the sustainability of cash flow

  5. Rationalize expenses

Smart Immigration System Services

  • Family book services

  • Passport Services

  • Entry Permits Services

  • Special Visa

  • Visa on Arrival

  • Visa Validity check

  • Residency Services

  • Borders Control Services

  • Establishments Support Services

  • Violation Contro

  • Complain or Report Incident