Roads and Transport Authority

including vehicle registration process using blockchain technology

There are various entities related to the motor vehicles such as manufacturer, dealer, buyer, registration authority, insurance company.

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According to the norms

All entities must collaborate for the successful registration of the vehicles. However, current system might get encountered with errors due to input of wrong or incomplete information and also some other consequences such as data manipulation which might be a threat to the system.

The vehicle registration process

is maintained by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).RTA also maintains collection of road tax, license, emission certificate, no objection certificate. Maintaining process related to vehicles by the conventional method might obscure the path of making a system more reliable and complete.

The current system face the problem of fraud detection

i.e. if a fraud occurred, it is difficult to trace back as different entities such as manufacturer, dealer, RTA and insurance company works in their own terms.

By bringing blockchain technology into the scenario helps us to get a more reliable solution as blockchain technology being a distributed ledger technology and also being more promising in data security and privacy helps for carving a more reliable and efficient system. By the means of the proposed system, it is an approach to solve problems underlying in the vehicle registration system and also bind all the different agencies related to vehicles under one portal and get them connected through blockchain technology.

Bringing all the different entities under one system

linked through blockchain technology can help to build a more secured and reliable system.

For every transaction made right from where the vehicle is manufactured to whom it is registered, each and every transaction gets recorded in the block and merits of blockchain technology is that international data is immutable and also can be secured with hash function. That’s where the point of using blockchain makes it more imminent as in the proposed system, now every log/transaction helps us to get knowledge that who did the transaction and at what time