Microsoft Cloud Services

Streamline Your IT Operations and Secure Your Business

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Transform the way you manage your business even technology-savvy organizations understand that moving to the cloud does not happen overnight. Regardless of your organization’s size, industry, or IT systems, we work with you to devise a carefully thought-out, comprehensive cloud strategy.

We recognize that businesses rely on technology as a strategic business tool. When you invest in IT, you reduce operating costs, elevate staff productivity, and increase business efficiencies. You need to connect people, systems, and operations in new ways. Microsoft has solutions for businesses of all sizes and in every industry—so you can stay up and running. Regardless of where, or what, work needs to get done, we’re here to help. Let’s move forward together

We offer a wide range of Microsoft Cloud services.


Tired of receiving alerts that your database server is running out of disk space? Azure allows you to scale on-demand, while Technophiles team manages your hosted systems. Allow your team to focus on solving real business problems, not technology hiccups.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Harness the power to access workstations from anywhere and any device at any time. Deploy and scale Windows desktops and apps on Azure in just minutes. A robust & secure solution for your mobile workforce.


Tools to enable your business to be productive and communicate effectively regardless of your user's device or location. Share data, online meetings, and speedy communication in a collaborative work environment.


More than just document management, it allows you to organize data, collaborate with team members, and improve your business' workflows. Share information in real-time all in a simple and familiar application, either through the web or a mobile app.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

set of intelligent business applications (CRM and ERP) that can help you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights. It allows organizations to see business and customer data in one place.

Microsoft Office 365

Transform the way you work and explore how Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams can help your business enable secure remote work and reduce costs.

Help reduce costs with Microsoft 365

60 %

Cut licensing costs by more than 60 percent per user compared to a patchwork of point solutions through consolidation using Microsoft 365

40 %

Automate system updates and help reduce IT management cost by up to 40 percent and time spent on device management by as much as 25 percent with Windows 11 Enterprise and Microsoft 365

50 %

Enable a Zero Trust security model to help reduce data breach risk by as much as 50 percent and overall IAM security management time by as much as 50 percent with Microsoft 365 security solutions.

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Technophiles has in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Cloud Services with a focus on migrating client Exchange installations to online Microsoft 365 solutions and helping clients properly size and move their systems and applications to Azure, while providing the most effective implementations and support.

Microsoft 365
empowers your employees to do their best work from anywhere in the world, together in one place

Empower a digitally connected workforce

Microsoft 365 is the cloud-first platform for all the ways people work today—whenever, wherever, however. Simply put, it’s a better way to work.

Office Office

What’s more?

Our extensive experience hosting websites and critical business applications for associations, non-profits, financial institutions, and government contractors allows us to apply industry-focused expertise to help you strategize and migrate your operations to Azure seamlessly and securely.

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Enable your digital workforce

Get intelligent tools that allow employees to work where and how they want, including a platform where they can meet, chat, call, and collaborate in one place.

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Help employees make smart decisions faster

Increase employee efficiency with custom apps, built-in automation, and powerful insights to streamline business processes.

Prioritize employee wellbeing

Explore work patterns and learn ways to help employees work smarter—improving focus, wellbeing, networking, and collaboration.

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Streamline and strengthen your security

Consolidate your security portfolio, deliver seamless user experiences, and help reduce cyber risk with integrated, best-in-class protection.

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Boost employee productivity and lower costs

With Windows 11, get an intuitive and intelligent experience that maintains a familiar feel and works how you work. For IT, Windows 11 is built on the consistent and compatible foundation of Windows 10.