Our goal when we created Technophiles a decade ago was the same as it is today: to enable businesses to realize their full abilities and skills.


to enable businesses to realize their full abilities and skills.

Technophiles is a globally incorporated company established in 2003.
We have grown consistently since inception and today we offer a wide range of computing services, products and solutions. We trade in UAE as Technophiles LLC under Registration Number: Dubai 548603.


Our values

At Technophiles we live by a set of shared values, encapsulated in our values statement, that guide the actions and behaviors of each of us. Our values influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues as well as the way we serve our clients.


We put imagination to work to achieve innovative and unique solutions for our customers.
We are committed to investment in scientific and technological research and development for pioneering new business directions and opportunities.
We are committed being progressive and creative, thinking how we can improve and add value by doing the things differently.


Creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, and investors.
Improving businesses and people through meaningful innovation, and make them more productive and successful.
Improving customers’ technologies so profoundly, they couldn't imagine going back to the old way.
Keep where customers can find and discover technology, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.


We believe that people are what makes Technophiles success and we are committed to attracting, hiring and retaining the best. We are committed to fostering a corporate culture that promote teamwork and to the development of all our people professionally and individually.


We believe in customer satisfaction as true measure of our success. We are committed to anticipate, fill and exceed customer expectations. We believe in creating long term, win-win customer relationships based on trust and shared vision.


We recognize quality as cornerstone of our reputation. We pursue excellence, as individuals and as a corporation, in everything we do. We believe in staying focused as a fundamental requirement for our success. We are committed to continuously improvement in all aspects of our operation.

Our partners

Technophiles works with diverse organizations throughout the world to address the complex challenges of interoperability in IT solutions. Collaborating with these partners allows us to, most importantly, bring comprehensive solutions to our customers, and also to achieve interoperability among different types of IT vendors. By doing so, we support efforts to improve our solutions and deliver technologies at lower costs.

We are proud of the wide range of partners that we currently have and we extend an invitation to other IT vendors who share our vision.


Azure (AI, IoT, Blockchain....),
Dynamics 365,
Office 365


ERP and Digital Core, CRM, Analytics, Digital Supply Chain, Network and Spend Management, Development Platform


IT Infrastructure, Networking, Security solutions, Data center


IT infrastructure, Security, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, IT management


Enterprise Networking, Enterprise Wireless, Intelligent Video & Data Analytics, ICT Management System